"As OLC, we pride ourselves in our business philosophy to always 'do work that matters'. 2020 was an exceptionally challenging year and in true OLC fashion, we never cower when we face a challenge," says OLC's CEO Jérôme Cohen. 

"We carry a strong determined team whose can-do attitude, resilience and hard work have paid off. The award is a true testament of the agency that we are and the work that we are proud to deliver to all our client partnerships," adds Cohen.

Offlimit Communications was previously named as a nominee for Africa’s Leading Through-The-Line Agency in 2018. This is the agency's first win at the MEA Business Awards.

Business partners Jérôme Cohen, Garon Bloom, Lisa Alton and Shereen Palmer cited that the win would not have possible without the support of their client partnerships who allow them to challenge OLC consistently to deliver award winning work. 

"The MEA Awards are not an easy feat. To move successfully from nominee to awardee, there must be evidence of expertise within a given field, dedication to customer service and ongoing commitment to excellence," says OLC's managing director Garon Bloom.

"OLC embodies all those high qualities. To be named as Africa's Leading Through-The-Line Agency and to be finally recognised by MEA Markets for our client-first efforts is truly a rewarding way to see 2020 out," concludes Bloom. 

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