"We believe our SA Homeschooling initiative will become a major and influential support tool for homeschooling," says Jason Aarons, publishing director at Isikhova Media.

"With the initial nationwide closure of schools and the subsequent ongoing challenges of back-to-school plans and processes, there is an unprecedented and ever-increasing number of learners being home-schooled, with families retaining direct responsibility for their children's education," adds Aarons.

"SA Homeschooling aims to provide such parents with additional support and resources, skills and expert advice to homeschool their children successfully and with ease. Its pay-off line of 'living and learning — together' really embraces the title's goal of becoming the country's go-to source and survival guide in, and for, homeschooling," he adds.

Editor Shelagh Foster says that she is "delighted by the opportunity to expand [her] skills to support both parents and children as they navigate the world of homeschooling."

"While many families are old hands at home-based education, there is an increasing number of parents who have recently been thrown in the deep end," says Foster.

"Transitioning the role from parent to teacher presents new and often scary challenges and immense rewards. Apart from drawing on the knowledge of experts, we will also share the real-life experiences of families, offering readers a rich and rewarding experience," Foster concludes.

Isikhova Media has indicated that content will cover new ideas, opportunities and technologies to make learning dynamic and engaging. It will also aim to introduce parents to homeschooling styles and approaches that are doable and results-driven.

Distribution channels include:
  • the department of basic education
  • ISSUU digital platform
  • South African Homeschooling Facebook Group
  • free subscription, and
  • provincial homeschooling bodies: Gauteng Association for Homeschooling
  • Cape Home Educators
  • the Eastern-Cape Homeschooling Association,
  • the KwaZulu-Natal Homeschooling Association
  • online links with homeschooling / alternate education expos, and
  • shared links via education sections / educational editors of mainstream and local neighbourhood newspapers.
The debut issue will be published alternate-monthly.

Other titles published by the company include:
  • JZA magazine
  • SA Jewellery News 
  • Soccerzela online magazine
  • SA Car Clubs
  • African Odyssey
  • Jewellery Connect, and
  • Jewellex Today

For more information, visit www.isikhova.co.za. You can also follow Isikhova Media on Facebook.