The Business Day Focus 4.0 digital dialogue series aims to be a think-tank platform where South African business leaders can be exposed to new ways of working, through the implementation of technology, to digitise the workforce.

It will also focus on the recalibration of strategies and business models to aid organisations in embracing a digital transformation imperative.

According to Taryn Westoby, head of Arena Events, the success of Business Day Focus 4.0 can be ascribed to three elements, being:
  1. the reputation and credibility of Business Day amongst business leaders and key decision-makers, thereby attracting a relevant and engaged audience for partners
  2. the unique pull that Business Day has in engaging the most influential minds and industry experts as panelists, and
  3. a deep understanding of the issues that are being faced by business, to ensure they are addressed in a much-needed public forum.
The first four episodes in the Business Day Focus 4.0 digital dialogue series has already kicked off. They include: 
  • How to Digitally Enable and Transform Your Business, presented in partnership with Clickatell and Triple4
  • Modernise Your Data Security, Stay Compliant and Get Ahead of What’s Next in Africa, presented in partnership with Oracle
  • Ensuring Business Sustainability: Scenario planning is essential to today's enterprises, presented in partnership with Oracle, and
  • Fast Forward to the Next Normal: Why digital transformation is accelerating and what this means for business, presented in partnership with Oracle.
"We are inviting organisations who wish to showcase their leadership and the positive impact of their technology and business solutions to get involved. We welcome an opportunity to hear from those experiencing success in their field," Westoby concludes.

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