Earlier this year, Chicken Licken® launched a campaign for its EasyBucks® meals, based on the idea of 'Everyone’s talking about it'. All elements in the brand's integrated campaign — including the film, extended online films, the interactive website, social engagement and tactical print — strived to ensure that the entire country was talking about EasyBucks®.

And now, in the next instalment of the campaign, the brand aimed to take the concept a step further. The price of R24.00 was converted into US dollars, translating to a low price of $1.60. According to the fast-food chain, that certainly got Kentucky talking. The team filmed the locals' reactions to the billboard, the low price and their eagerness to try Chicken Licken®, in order to create an online film.

Directed by Joe Public United film director, Katlego Baaitse, and produced by Burley Boys Productions, the team at Chicken Licken® says that "it’s a lovely, entertaining peek into the lives of salt-of-the-earth Kentuckians, and of course, a cheeky poke at the competition." The film goes live on Wednesday, 25 March and aims to get South Africa talking about EasyBucks® yet again.

For more information, visit www.chickenlicken.co.za. You can also follow Chicken Licken® on Facebook or on Twitter.