"In times of crisis, we draw on strengths we never knew we had and discover the true meaning of loyalty," says FMR. "Many stories are emerging, both at home and abroad, about acts of kindness and the power of community. FMR is humbled and grateful that we too have an evolving good news story."

FMR has reported that since early April, its listeners have donated R800 000 towards helping the station survive the loss of advertising revenue. That figure is growing and it expected to reach R1-million by July.

"'Unprecedented' has become the buzzword when describing the pandemic; however, we're grateful it can now be used in a positive context," says the station. "We believe this display of audience loyalty is unprecedented in the history of broadcasting in South Africa."

"We are deeply grateful to our listeners and share this story only to demonstrate the value our station has in their lives. As the only classical and jazz music station in the Western Cape, we are peerless and clearly our listeners also fall into this category," adds FMR.

The station has called out to potential advertisers and marketers, who may find interest in exposing their products and services to the station's audience?

According to BrandMapp 2020 audience research, FMR has approximately 113 000 listeners in Cape Town. The group comprises a majority of upper-class individuals, which is split relatively evenly between male and female listeners.

The listeners have a 60 / 40 split between English and Afrikaans speakers respectively. Around one-third of listeners are under the age of 45. A further third is between 45 and 65. The final third is over the age of 65.
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